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Assault Rifle Remake

Well, I was looking for a weapon concept to model as a personal project, after a while, I found one I really liked and was actually a 2D painting.


Shape-wise I made some changes. Some things I changed cause I thought they made more sense, others like the holes on the side panel seemed a little more complicated and even though they were doable, decided not to waste time on them. I also lifted the exit Barrel a wee bit and changed the front scope, so now it's more identifiable as such and has dust protection of sorts

Texture-wise, I didn't want to make it exactly the same. While pure shiny black looks cool, I thought a little color could make it look more interesting. I went with the classing black, red and white combo (never fails).

Decided to try out Ddo and the new Quixel suite (some tutorials I had watched previously really helped, plus another thread here on polycount explained how to add custom decals or paint layers)

After deciding the colors and materials, and creating a few presets of my own, I started applying the textures. I knew from the beggining I wanted a worn look, but not the old neglected look (dust and rust), but the used and abused look instead (paint wear and scratches).


I ended up with a 2k texture which that I could still zoom in on and kept looking good, happy face =D , but I had to mirror most of the weapon's UVs for that, which kinda put a dent on my original plan of using normal text decals over the weapon, as they would be reversed.

I resolved the issue by using symbols and alien language, which I ended up preferring at the end, as it insinuated the weapon's manufacturing wasn't completely human.

I originally tried out a texture seam value of 16, and some UV's started touching, but since it's mainly a portfolio work, decided not too worry too much about mimpapping and kept just enough to hide any normal seam.


The holographic panels I needed as emissive, but there was no need to make an extra 2k texture, just three 128 textures, which I originally planned to animate from either Marmoset Toolbag or as an animated substance, but neither worked, sad face D: , They're separated because I planned on animating them differently, maybe I'll use Unreal 4 to make an animated shader later.


While critique is greatly appreciated, I don't want to spend a lot of time tweaking something that already looks good, so I am moving on to a new project.

Uploading images still confuses me, so I just used postImage, how does one normally do it
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