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UTMC - Old space

I thought the idea of using outdated or abandoned space stuff as the arena was pretty cool. Retro and futuristic stuff together is always a win to me. Still just rough ideas though, I will hopefully get to make proper concepts soon.



This one has been "salvaged" from the other thread and made into an old spaceship salvage yard.



  • Suba
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    Suba polycounter lvl 5
    Oh man the first is bad ass !
  • chucklepunch
  • wez
  • jayoplus
    All three look good Gooba.
    The middle space ship is pretty neat.
    The bottom concept may work well as sort of a cliffside facility, maybe? :-) Just throwing some ideas at you.
  • Gooba
    The bottom concept may work well as sort of a cliffside facility

    Yeah, that was kind of what I was going for. A giant spaceship recycling facility in the mountains.

    Here's more exploration of a semi interior shot, still needs a lot of work to make it look older (maybe abandoned).

  • FirebornForm
    Haha that last one is totally old school retro sci fi, especially with those colors, what's the chance you would see something so purple/pink these days? I think it's neat how lots of people are looking back at the old greats of sci fi on developing UT themes, even Epic themselves are experimenting around with the old Alien look!

    Your ship scrapyard is a really cool idea as an environment for a setting. I could imagine lots of moving parts in the background. My only concern with it is that as a concept for a shooter it might not show enough on what people would be interacting with. I'm not saying you need to think of it as a level, just basically saying that you seem to be focused on sky-boxes (establishing the overall backgrounds) Things people wouldn't see and or couldn't interact with.

    If you do imagine people running around in the scrapped-ship yard perhaps you should try a shot of that as well? Or try an inside shot since you have a tunnel here. Anything to flesh out the theme, any one of the ones you pick should be great but I think a little more information on a couple shots would be better than one offs.

    I really like your simple old-school design language and love the settings, they have a lot of wonder and charm. Just things to think about!
  • Spig
    Impressive stuff, I especially like 2 and 4.
  • Gooba
    Some work on the old station. I really wanted to show the idea that you could look out of the windows and see these jellyfish/manta ray/aliens floating around the station. Push the atmosphere as much as possible. I will probably follow it up with an interior of the same station.

    I agree about showing more of the actual gamespace, FirebornForm. I might have to drop the salvage yard though(at least for the contest), I am running out of time. :p

  • Gooba
  • FirebornForm
    Hot damn I love all of your concepts Gooba, including the ones on the UT forums (i'm just lurking there for now) but the latest one is phenomenal.

    When browsing the entries a week ago I thought you were too busy on the UT forums designing out concepts for the weapons and I said to myself "Damn if anyone should be in this contest it was Gooba" So glad you entered to kick (our) ass. When I come out of lurking in UT forums I'm going to ask you how you do your stuff :) Maybe request a stream/video or just some brushes youd recommend for tackling harder surface materials. Anything really! I'm only somewhat versed in landscapes and architecture and indoor shots are totally new territory for me in the scope of this contest.

    Keep rocking man, your weapon designs are killer as well.
  • Gooba
    Thanks man! It's been hard finding time to get this stuff done.

    Glad you like my stuff! But I really wouldn't consider myself a hard surface expert haha, I'm still learning it myself.

    Feel free to message me on the UT forums, I would be happy to "try" to answer any questions you have. ;)
  • wez
    Do you have an art page? you are incredible!
  • Citlaet
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    Citlaet polycounter lvl 9
    Congrats, man)
  • Rabro
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    Rabro polycounter lvl 3
    The second is my favorite, your play with light and dark is really great.
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