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UTMC - Return to Chizra Temple

Hi everyone,

For this theme I went back even before the first UT trying to revive one of the best environments from the very first Unreal. I think it was the juxtaposition of running around with high tech weaponry in something resembling an Aztec temple, mixture of fantasy and sci-fi that made it so fitting for the title.

Lets imagine how it could look like after some time has passed, ruined, overgrown and forgotten, yet still bearing marks of Skaarj atrocities. And for added weirdness, how would deck 16 look realised in this theme?

First, some base colour and photos to get it going. Some original UClassic textures have been also borrowed.


Here I decided how the lighting will work. Teal glow illuminating the map from the bottom and warm light of torches. Opening in the ceiling would let some extra light in, making the walkways pop out more.


So I think thats it for the initial photo bashing, I will post an update when some proper paintover gets done.


  • Loginus
    Paintover part 1:

    I decided to avoid using crates in this theme. I didn't wanted high-tech objects, and wooden crates seemed to be a bit generic. Also, I think that nowadays players would expect them to be destructible rather than permanent fixtures defining the game space. I decided to put a tree covering the area where the elongated container used to be.


    Other containers and crates from the original deck 16 could be replaced with parts of walls and ceiling that fell off or maybe thick roots growing out of the walls.

  • Loginus
    I added some lights in, I think that lamps can potentially add more visual interest than simple torches in the walls. I considered floating lamps, like something from the UE3 tech demo - I think it might be too confusing though? Anyway, I can paint up to 3 pieces, so there is still a chance for experimentation :)


    BTW: It would be cool if powerups could significantly light their surroundings up when active- like the shield on the top left - I think it might look nice and it would clearly indicate state of the particular pickup.

    This one might be final, lets move to the second image for now.

  • WarrenM
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    WarrenM Polycount Sponsor
    Nice mood in this one! Love your lighting work.
  • Loginus
    Lower part of the map. I imagine it filled with fog that reacts to players and projectiles moving through it (Arkham City style). Colours here are predominantly green and teal, which would contrast with warmer lighting in the upper parts of the level.


  • Loginus
    Can we get The Stick of Six Fires back as a rocket launcher? ^.^

    This one was somewhat more difficult, I might get back to it in a day or two to have a fresh look and see where I could tweak it a bit.

    I'm considering adding particles above the pool (like on Tokara Forest jump pads) or maybe insects to thicken the atmosphere, I'm not certain if the fumes are enough. It could reduce visibility in-game though, painting might look better but it could be infeasible for a game.

  • FirebornForm
    awesome paint overs dude, they look like 3d renders. It would be great to see some old returning levels themes from UT 99 like the temple ruins. My favorite of the series :)
  • Loginus
    Hi again,

    For the third image I'm trying to apply the theme to a different classic map.

    Again, starting with some photos and original UT textures as a starting point.
  • Loginus
  • Loginus
    I'll just post the last one to make the thread complete. I'm moving onto a second theme, I might still find time for one or two paintings.

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