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Settlers 6: Bakery (Low Poly & Texturing)

Dear fellow Polycount-user!

I started on playing with the idea to model the bakery from The Settlers 6, because when i was about 12 i modelled the same model in Autocad, and to be serious, this looked like bullshit.

I have to admit that i really never textured things in Maya, i always modelled them, so i decided to start this project:

But first, collecting some references:


My goal is to keep the polycount as low as possible, so the whole illusionation should be driven by textures.

My first Blockout:


Pictures will follow!

Any critics or comments are appreciated! :)


  • Neox
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    Neox veteran polycounter
    having worked on the past 3 settlers titles, i have to say, it's all waaaaay too straight. you need to make it much more crooked, the main shapes have to be in the blockout already.
  • Soldier63
    Thanks for this tip! I'm already working on a much more crooked version, especially the roof needs much more work!

    With which software did you have modelled the buildings? :)
  • Soldier63
    Get the house way more crooked and added more details!
    Still not finished with adding details!

    @goodnight for now!

  • Neox
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    Neox veteran polycounter
    well we created characters, not buildings, however the pipeline of ubisoft/bluebyte is mostly 3ds max centric but there are maya artists nowadays.
  • Soldier63
    added some details to the back of the house, however not quite sure what to do with the inside of the house, because on the reference image there is just one straight hallway from the front to the back of the Bakery.

  • Dethling
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    Dethling polycounter lvl 11
    Intressting project, hand painted texturing is always onw of my favorite art style. :)

    For your model I would bend the vertical wooden bars a little more to make it more cartoonee.
    Also I woudl widen the base of the chimney a little more. At the moment it's not very balanced.
    You can also try to remove the wood planks on the canopy and try to paint them into the texture.
  • Soldier63
    Thanks for your comment! :)
    Your're totally right with your suggestions! I will try to reach a even more cartonee style from time to time

    I started my first hand painted texture ever, but I'm not quite happy with the results! Maybe i will redo this texture again, as the wood on the references is slightly more red!

    Here is my texture for now (I also added a normal map generated from this texture, which is not a good idea i now :)

    Every critics to my texture would be appreciated, because i'm fairly new at painting some textures from scratch.

    I also will add some scratches and different wooden textures!

  • Soldier63
    As texturing goes slower forward than i expected, it will take a lot of time for me to actually texture the hole house!

    However, i will keep your guys updated with my work, and this updates should also be a base for critic or suggestions on improvement!

  • Dethling
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    Dethling polycounter lvl 11
    I think the main problem with your texture is the saturation.
    To get this catoonee look you should go a little bit over the top, also with the saturation.
    Also work on the AO of it. It's nothing wrong with creating one and use it as guideline for your handpainted AO (even multiply them both is fine).

    What helped me a lot was to export some (stylized) hand painted models from games and study them. (I took the wowmodelviewer and exported models from the last WoW expansion).

    Also don't be shy and add a few more polys, hand painted is mostly conected to "low poly" but "low poly" isn't so low anymore.
  • Soldier63
    Thank you @Dethling for your comment!

    I noticed this problem also by myself! In Photoshop and Viewport there is always a "normal" Saturation, that means normal colours. But when i go into Mental Ray and rendered it out, it becomes every time so bright. Does anyone know which settings I have to change in order to get a nice picture withouth the "bright effekt"?

    Ok, i will give this a try, to get some inspiration!

    Thanks for your comment again! :)
  • Soldier63
    I grab out this old thread, because I have done a litle bit of work, but I'm not quite sure if this rope improvment would fit to my model! Any C&C are appreciated!

    This time Viewport 2.0 Screenshot, because I'm not quite happy with the saturation!

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