PETROL/BLOOD - SeedyRom/DumpsterTree

Hey everyone!

A bit late to the party but we are indeed READY TO PARTY.

We have pretty much skipped any real "concept" phase and have moved straight into primary forms. We have been wanting something like this to really get us to use the Quixel suite and dive even further into Marmoset.

Anywho. The premise for our rider and mech places us in a fairly destroyed future desert like area in which a death-match for basic survival needs. Those who choose to compete (alive) use their ingenuity to create mech-like companions and custom weapons to take to the ring. These companions become just that to the riders. They are partners. However, this bond is greater than any bond any too humans can achieve. You see, the riders must link up to their mechs by first, altering their bodies, mechanically, to be able to sync up with their mechs and secondly, using that new tech to control/speak to their companion through the heart. I mean this quite literally.



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