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Hey everyone!

A bit late to the party but we are indeed READY TO PARTY.

We have pretty much skipped any real "concept" phase and have moved straight into primary forms. We have been wanting something like this to really get us to use the Quixel suite and dive even further into Marmoset.

Anywho. The premise for our rider and mech places us in a fairly destroyed future desert like area in which a death-match for basic survival needs. Those who choose to compete (alive) use their ingenuity to create mech-like companions and custom weapons to take to the ring. These companions become just that to the riders. They are partners. However, this bond is greater than any bond any too humans can achieve. You see, the riders must link up to their mechs by first, altering their bodies, mechanically, to be able to sync up with their mechs and secondly, using that new tech to control/speak to their companion through the heart. I mean this quite literally.



  • SeedyRom
    So here is where we are at so far. Any sort of advice or comments would be super appreciated.

    This is much further along than the rider. Not entirely sure what we are doing for the neck area.

    This is the first woman I have sculpted, I just want to check the anatomy to make sure everything is checking out before moving on to the cool stuff.
  • atomicguppy
    I really like the form and shape you have going for the mech. It feels a bit like Dog from half life 2. It's got some potential for a lot of charter, and I am really excited to see where this goes.
  • Turbo889
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    Turbo889 polycounter lvl 6
    Looking cool guys, your mech definitely has a ton of character.

    It's had to tell without feet, but I think your proportions on your female might be a bit off. The arms look almost as long as the legs and her torso seems a little stocky. I would find some female proportion images and see about lengthening her torso and legs. although maybe its just her lack of feet that looks off.

    good luck guys! :)
  • DumpsterTree
    Thanks atomicguppy!I have defiantly been getting a lot of feedback about it looking like dog from HL2. I'v been trying to move away from that a bit in some recent steps, you will have to let me know how close it still looks on the next update:P Thanks for the feedback!
  • SeedyRom
    Yo Turbo889, you are totally right. I'll have the arms fixed for the next post. There aren't feet because I am going with a peg type robot leg, the no feet were throwing me off too. Thanks man!
  • SeedyRom

    Finished medium poly, changed the face to make it less HL2 Dog. looking for some critiques on the silhouette and forms.



    Started making the mechanical bits, the giant gauntlet being the focal point. The legs and feet have been a little troublesome in the concept department. The feet function by magnetically connecting to plates (stirrup-like) on the mech. I also tweaked some of the proportions like shortening the arms as suggested.


    Let us know what you think!

    Thanks all!
  • Rawz
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    Rawz polycounter lvl 6
    I'll probably be cutting and pasting this response into most of my replies here but - I seriously love seeing the art being slashed out here, in both sketches AND 3D - I've never seen anyone chop out concepts like this.

    SeedyRom can you tell me about your reference? - who are the artists, particularly for the 'dreadlocked dome' and 'desert mech' figures.

    Great competition and work everyone!
  • Turbo889
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    Turbo889 polycounter lvl 6
    Loving the gauntlet idea, I love giant asymmetrical arms and I can't wait to see how it looks as you start adding more detail
  • dirtyhairy
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    dirtyhairy polycounter lvl 10
    Ha, looking cool just in the blockouts :)
  • SeedyRom
    Thanks for the feedback guys!

    Rawz, the main artist of inspiration goes by the username fightpunch and he has TONS of cool tech-people like these.

    Turbo889, I too am a sucker for the whole giant arms tiny legs/feet look and I think I might push that a bit further in the leg area, in fact.

    and thank you very much, dirtyhairy! :D
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