UTMC - Na Pali: The Blood From Yesterday

Back with another, I am doing a bunch of themes to start and the last week I may decided to develop some of my themes further with more shots or ideas that fit in it :)

A work in progress of redesigning an area(Oldschool Unreal 98 fans may remember) as if years later it was turned into a tournament battleground.


If you are wondering why I am going for so much color, other than being pretty, it is that back in the day it was easier to determine another player from how vibrant or more detailed they were than the environment. Now that characters and environments have the same level of detail it is easier to read an enemies movement against a strong vibrancy. While it will sacrifice a little bit of grit, an unreal tournament is very fast paced and being able to read the battlefield at lightning quick speeds could be very useful. That said a variety of industrial realistic maps, funky maps, and some lush maps like the forests are what make Unreal Awesome :)


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