UTMC - Acid Refinery

Mid-Tech Facility.
My Intuos 5 was dead right before challenge. Digital + charcoal and pencil sketch.


  • FirebornForm
    Hey sulraen. I didn't see your entry in the finals but I included it in the unofficial entries of MIA people.

    So about your concept, obviously this needs a lot of work. If your skill and imagination is only building bricks then it doesn't tell any of us what you're thinking of in terms of design. Surely you can see in your head more than a bunch of squares. What is an acid refinery anyways, and what's it mean to you? Only you know the answers to these questions.

    It's beyond the deadline, and you seemed to drop out of the tournament but here's a final tip for you now that I'm freed up to talk more without the pressure of the contest.

    The next time you feel like you're useless without your intous, try some 3d. Sketchup is a pretty easy to learn program and your concept that you started with here could probably be made in 10 minutes in the program. Then coupling the fact that you can change the camera shot to get better compositions, well it's a no brainer over pencil sketches of blocks.

    Sketches are still good, but try to use them to narrow into what the design is, instead of square shapes.
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