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UTMC - New Age Industrial

I noticed in the Q and A's that they prefer to keep themes separate and only keep a single wip thread if it is the same theme so here we go. This is my second theme.

I decided to use a block out of Deck to show how the theme can be applied to a number of levels. Deck 27 is a recently built magma refinery much like Deck 17.

I noticed in the older Unreal Tournaments there was a balance of themes that where generally cleaner and less war-torn and ones that are. This is something for the clean side of the spectrum. The idea is to have surfaces flow from complex to clean and smooth for a good rhythm. Deck was a good opportunity to explore this as in my opinion my favorite versions of the level was when there was high visibility and less clutter.

Sort of a mix of Mirrors Edge and the balance of detail vs simple form Ancient Egyptian's enjoyed :)



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