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Hello and welcome fellow polycounters (and other lurkers). :poly142:

I am now starting a thread that is all about making myself a better artist. It started when I were concepting for my petrol blood entry. It came to my attention that my concepting skills weren't very strong. It became really obvious when I needed 5 hours just to nail a pose on an imagined animal without using references. So I decided to swallow my pride and leave the petrol blood challenge. So that I instead can focus on becoming a better artist without a deadline. Good luck to everyone on the competition, I will love to see what you all end up with.

So what is this thread about then? The biggest problem for me is that I got an idea in my head, but I can not transfer it to the paper. Simply put I realized that there are 3 really important areas for me to work on in my art.

Firstly is anatomy and visual memory on organic stuff. This has to do with the fact that I have barely painted organic stuff and mostly just painted robots (I love wobots). But as I wish to be a monster and character artist I really need to work on Not robots.

Secondly is that I need to work on dynamics and drama. I need to stop paint static stuff and start to paint with motion and dynamics.

Thirdly is to get a strong line-work. What this means is that I need to be able to create clean line art. What this will accomplish is that I will leave my safe zone. Right now when I paint I use the eraser wayyyy to much. So I will instead learn how to use a marker pen, and in that way find what lines are important to transmit what I want to project.

This will hopefully transfer to that I will become much more confident as an artist.

How I will do this is that I will practice on each of these points every day. 2 hours each day until my school starts (1 sept), and hopefully I will continue then as well. I got applied to a game-art school in malmö (The Game Assembly), so I see this as a headstart for me.

So there will be 3 line art pieces each day, and sometimes some zbrush sculpts, but that depends on if I am home or not. As I have the advantage of always carrying paper on me and now marker-pens I can do 2d practice every day.

So hopefully this will inspire some other people and also I do hope that you guys will critique me to death. As that is the way for me to truly improve.

Lastly, why I do post this here is because this is both a 2d and 3d project, plus more people are on this area of the forum than the sketchbook ones, even though I will post the content of this thread there. So lets do this!

Day 1! C&C Welcome.

Zbrush Sculpt, I used my own hand as a reference for this one.

2d practice


References for 2d:


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