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TEAM Nas-Mart-Rastlin-Dynasty(simple_minded3d & Urbanoutdoorsman):
This team name describes the type of character we are creating and his interest. He is influenced by people, surroundings and past experiences we have come across throughout the years. As two individuals who grew up in the south, Georgia and Tennessee, there are certain types of people you come in contact with on a regular basis that are just unforgettable.

This is Zeek, he is a very rowdy redneck with a passion for speed (NASCAR), explosions, fist fights (WWF/ Rastlin’) hunting/ fishing (Duck Dynasty) and booze. His physical appearance was originally based off several different things. Ninja from the group Die Antwoord was the base idea for his appearance. He also draws influence from the people you see at Wal-Mart that just don’t look right and you just can’t put your finger on what’s wrong with them. A touch of The Hills Have Eyes Syndrome is how we are kind of explaining it in Zeek’s case. As fans of the movie Smokin’ Aces, Zeek could easily be the lost Tremor Brother. He is definitely the hair trigger type that acts first and thinks about the consequences on the way to the ER.


And his vehicle.


More concepts on the way for the vehicle, as it is more than meets the eye:)


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