[UE4] ZS25 Civilian Mars Rover Project [Substance Designer]

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Hi everybody, it's portfolio time these days, I decided to make a new piece, and to learn Substance Designer at the same time!

Hopefully this will brush away the dust that settled over my portfolio over the last years.

I decided to go for a vehicle in a diorama this time for various reasons, it's faster to complete, makes for some more variety and displays different skills as well.


The vehicle is fairly simple, it's a civilian class rover for light planetary exploration. In a future where distant planets have been colonized and basic roads laid out, such vehicles become the norm to everyone. The rover does not run on fossil fuels. Everything you see is displayed on a 180 degree display in the cockpit thanks to a set of panoramic cameras at the front of the vehicle. You enter the vehicle from the back hatch, since in some cases you will need to change to lesser athmospheres.

Dimensions are roughly 9.5m long by 5m wide, 4m high.

Current work in progress on the high poly rover:

These are rendered with Xoliul Shader2

Things left to do are a few micro details and surface bits and bobs. Then low poly and bakes, learning SD and producing the Mars diorama.

Any feedback is welcome, although the general shape of the vehicle is now well locked after a few weeks of iterations so keep that in mind :)



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