polycounter lvl 7
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Vectroid polycounter lvl 7
It's gonna be our very first time participating in a polycount contest. I've always feel intimidated to post, seeing all these amazing works but I would like to take this first stab as a learning experience and just having some fun!

So here are my first few concept pieces. I've spent a bit too much time on the rider and I've regretting that a bit now since I could play with some concepting in Zbrush itself. It does give me a decent blueprint to start with however. I still lack a proper direction for the beast itself. Seeing how many of the projects posted are mostly mechanical in nature, I decided to for a more organic design.

I will be taking care of the rider and half of the beast while my friend 3DRTST will be doing the other half and the diorama (non organics)




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