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Hello Polycount!

I am now joining my first competition, as I see that I got myself a lot of spare time this summer. I want to say to everyone that they are doing a fantastic job.

As a side note, I am doing this more to learn than anything else. But that does not exclude that I might try for a win. Worth noting is that I will always keep my first post (this one) up to date with concept art and current WIP.

Anyhow, lets get to subject.


A tundra living human folk gather each year to battle between the local tribes. They ride an elephant-like (in lack of better metaphor) beast. Armed with spears and wit they are trying to traverse the racing track in first place, but also in one piece. As one way to win is to kill all the other competitors before the end of the race it is essential for every beast and rider to watch their backs.

Early Concept Art:

First I sketched on paper and when I had a design for a beast that I were content with I got this which I rendered in Photoshop.


Now I am thinking about what kind of armor I am going to give it, as I have a concept for a saddle (more to post soon). I got here 4 different design choices, I am not 100% sure on which direction I want to take this in. As the design of the beasts gear will play a vital role in the characters design.



  • AimBiZ
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    AimBiZ polycounter lvl 10
    Interesting idea. Before delving into the armor design you should do more reference study of animal anatomy, as yours is lacking. It looks closest to a bear but I'd recommend looking into dogs and horses as well, for proportions sake. I assume you're going for a beast that can run fairly fast but still being able to take a beating.

    I'd say you can do a lot more with the head design as well, give it more character so to speak. It's up to you what to do with it but looking at goat heads would be a good start I think.

    Proportions are key. Everything else becomes a lot easier in comparison. Spend the time.
  • Nuclear Angel
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    Nuclear Angel polycounter
    @AimBiZ Thanks for the write up. I have now looked up some references, horses, some dogs and rhinos, and I do see were you are coming from. My beasts anatomy is not as any other 4-legged mammal. So thanks for raising my awareness on this. Also I will redesign the head. Thanks =)
  • Nuclear Angel
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    Nuclear Angel polycounter
    So here I am again with an update, I were at an interwiev for a game art school so not so much done, but I have cleaned up the anatomy. Now it son to get a good concept of the head and the beasts gear and then its onward to zbrush and character concept.

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