Hey polycounters, never had the guts to enter one of these contests but gotta try sometime

this is my entry for the contest

ive been meaning to make a winged character for some time and thought this might be the perfect time to try it out, but since i need a creature... what better than a dragon =D
i wanted to try to stay away from the cliche dragon rider so i decided to just do a simple switch and make the dragon on top
the character will be a male in mostly leather armor w/ a few bits of steel armor here and there so ill be going for a medieval/asian feel

(ill update the first post w/ the latest wips)


  • jinn15
    got my inspiration for this from HTTYD2, Hobbit, Reign of Fire, Avatar and dinosaurs in general


    i did a lot of color schemes and finally ended up with this one, lots of inspiration from wow w/ in terms of color, i wanted small stubby arms like a trex but still strong enough to hold something for quite some time, and i wanted the creature to be hanging from the characters back, so from the front, it looks like its the characters wings


    my first rough block in, looking up references for how the muscles on the wings will actually attach to the body and just more dino anatomy

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