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Hello, this is my thread for this contest. I am not sure if my entry idea would count, maybe somebody can help. My idea is a squid character who carry about with him, some sort of mechanical parts he transforms into various things like thrusters, wheels, etc. He uses these to traverse three environments: space, land (wheels), and water (submarine / fan blades mode)

This would be one character model who is a "vehicle" and is definitely intended to look like vehicles (he will drive around like a car, fly around like a space ship...)

Edit: one character model, with extra parts swapped in (in a game environment), but not necessarily shown off in beauty renders. In my beauty shot ideas, it would be two racers of two different species with similar technologies, in a movie poster design in racing movie fashion. Or posisbly just one character and ominous painted in guy in the background if that is allowed... 2x characters in 3D probably would take too long.

I am not sure if I like the idea, or if it would even count for this contest. Crits welcome.

Early sketches:
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