PETROL/BLOOD - Der Hollander

I highly doubt I'll finish this contest on time, but it's a perfect opportunity to learn some new things and have fun doing it, with at the very least a new, creative piece for my folio. I've had a bad habit in the past of pontificating what I wanted to make for half the contest but this time I've been inspired right out the gate and I'm super excited to give this a whirl.

Like quite a few folks, I'm going the jetbike route with a female pilot because I wanted to get some practice with more hard surface and making female characters, so here we go!

It's a time of high adventure, on an alternate Earth, the Roaring Forties! Spirits run wild, lives are bold, and those with the thirst for adrenaline take to the skies in the most dangerous, high-profile air races seen the world over, culminating in the Semi-Annual Aerodrome Grand Prix. Held by a different sponsoring city in world-wide cooperation and competitive spirit, the Grand Prix attracts pilots from all over the world to test their mettle and their metal against veteran and novice, rich and poor in the greatest spectacle on the planet!

Now, if there's anything I can never say no to, it's the opportunity for doing deiselpunk and swashbuckling high adventure. I grew up in a family of aviators, so WWII planes are fascinating to me, and I also read a ton of classic comic books. Consequently, doing something along the lines of Redline and Crimson Skies is right up my alley.

I did some initial thumbnailing on paper before I came up with a silhouette and this basic concept drawing:

I'm going to shoot for having major blockout of the bike done this weekend so I can play with proportions, I'm fairly certain I'm going to want to make it the full 6 meters in length, in accordance with one of the major laws of deiselpunk: "If you think it's got enough engine, add more engine."


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