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Hey all! Been a while, but I'm entering this competition, seems like a great opportunity to work with Quixel, and a chance to see what's new with Marmoset 2.

-This top post will most likely have the latest updates, for easy viewing-

THEME: After a lot of thought about what direction I wanted to take in this contest, I've decided to create an Abe Lincoln driving a deranged George Washington death-mobile.

Runners up ideas (free to those still coming up with something):
-Rickshaw pulled by a panda
-Tikiman in a tiki cart
-Roman chariot pulled by something exotic, like cheetahs
-Old geriatric madman in a gurney
-Mine cart with practically any character inside it

Lookin forward to the journey!


  • miamigator09
    Here's the mood/reference board.. It's going to be a George Washington mech, complete with cherry bombs, Washington Monu-missiles, hatchets.. as many cliches shamelessly crammed into one piece. Lincoln will be trapped inside a clear glass control center, a la Krang from TMNT. His diabolical machine has become uncontrollable, but that comes later..

  • d00kie


    I very much want to see the outcome of this!
  • miamigator09
    Working on the finishing touches of the concept sketch.. I know, it's not very detailed, but I will get there. Here is a list of assets that will be added to the 'Spirit of 76':
    -gears, springs, gauges, dials, lots of little steampunk gadgets
    -animated mouth to reveal Monu-missiles
    -free masons iconography
    -finger cannons will be fleshed out.

  • miamigator09
    Started modelling, got about 4 hours in.. I'm very rusty and wasted a huge amount of time with facial topology, but at least i got a chance to get into marmoset.. wow, it even made my garbage-progress look polished! I'm going to keep roughing out the pieces to the mech, then take each one into Zbrush for some finer sculpting and texturing. That is way down the road at this point..marmoset1.jpg
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    How is it a waste of time spending time to improve on something? Things simply takes time sometimes. Yes that was a lot of "time".

    Kind of early to tell but you seem to be heading off on a good start. There's a sense of style which is good, more than was in your concept. It's good that you make sketches of your ideas though.

    Will be interesting to see the pilot. Keep at it!
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