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Abandoned Swamp House Environment - [UE4]

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More images/info/updates on last post...


Hey guys and girls,

This is my first real post. I am a 3d generalist and want to make the transition to an environment artist. I have been doing some tutorials and reading through tons of post here and elsewhere. I have come to the point where I think I gotta start an environment. I have decided to work mainly from this concept from Andree Wallin. I will add and remove stuff as I see fit.

My main goal for this project are:
  • Create, at minimum, a realistic swamp house ext. diorama.
  • Develop/learn prop/asset workflow.
  • Learn to create tileable textures in Zbrush.
  • Learn/implement modular workflow.
  • Build the environment in either CryEngine or UDK.

My plan is to start with a few basic props which will allow me to grow and learn with smaller items that could be replaced at the end easily.

My starting prop list includes:
  • Oil Barrel
  • Wooden crate/box
  • A rock
  • A tree

In browsing these forums I can tell I have tons to learn but I think with a little help from you guys I can figure this stuff out.

Thanks for all your feedback, crits, and patience in advance. I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions.




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