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Lord Fryingpan polycounter lvl 9
So I've got this thing started. I'm aiming for some sort of grungy diesel punky walker based on WWII army bikes, vaguely inspired by a Toriyama illustration. We'll see how things develop.

Here is a quick concept and blockout for the vehicle



  • Lord Fryingpan
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    Lord Fryingpan polycounter lvl 9
    Goal for today : get the hip junction done. My idea for this vehicule's is that the hip and knee for each leg are each powered by a different engine, while the foot and ankle articulations are powered by way of hydrolic actuators.


    Engine A powers the Hip, but the energy to power the knee has to go from Engine B through the hip articulation, by way of a ball joint transmition. The hip shield drives the leg left and right, pushed by a pair of actuators. I'm starting to believe I'm overthinking this a bit.


    So here is a top view with all the parts piled up.


    The red part, i'll call the hip distributor, rotates up and down, sliding against the orange part, which is Engine B, and on the other side the leg, in lime green, pivots left to right against the distributor, driven by the teal part.


    Teal part is attached to the hip shield, in green, and follows the leg up and down. The shield is driven left and right.

    Hip distributor has to rotate about 120° along its horizontal axis, and the leg has to rotate sideway about 60°.

    Now let's get shit done.
  • Lord Fryingpan
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    Lord Fryingpan polycounter lvl 9
    So, objective reached.




    Tomorrow should see the hip actuators and knee articulation.
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    Vrav polycounter lvl 10
    Man, this is delicious. Engineering in game art.
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