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Hello there!

My friend Scoot and I are extremely excited to join this mighty clashing of artists!

Originally we were tossing around some futuristic ideas but decided to go car-razy and model our driver after my favorite son / pug Napoleon.

Napoleon is a fashionable chap, and will be sporting a ride and costume that are influenced by the great Napoleon Bonaparte and The French Revolution (With a possible bit of steamy tech sprinkled in. We are tossing around ideas and have done a variety of block outs. Some of the ideas we are playing with: Napoleon riding in a giant steam - powered mechnical Pug, Napoleon controlling a rocket-powered, roller skating Pugilist, and Napoleon on his Death - Dog, French Ship Chariot.

Here are some really simple blockouts of the original two ideas, the Ship design was something that Scoot came up with last night and we spent Today working out - I think it is safe to say that we will be borrowing elements from all three of our ideas to make one massive Pug Death Machine.

Ref Sheet Rough Draft:


Quick and Dirty Block in Idea pass:

Pug Chariot Sculpt Proof:

More to come soon! Vinci will be handling the Vehicle and Scoot will be sculpting Napoleon!(Set and props will be shared by the both of us)

Thank you!

All ideas crits are welcome on our ideas and block outs of course!


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