Ahoy Ahoy!

My plan of action is to turn this..


..into a mech piloted by a kid that looks strikingly similar to Porco Rosso.

and then another playground equipment mech piloted by some other kid, maybe a Tank Girl looking girl or that one girl from Recess, the skinny one.

I will post sketches once I sober up.


  • deohboeh
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    deohboeh polycounter lvl 5
    Dude! Use the slides as weapons! Use the slides as weeeeaaaapoooooons!

    *sits down* *calms down*
    Good concept I can't wait to see the drawings. :)
  • d00kie
    I've got some ideas scribbled down, a slide cannon was one of them!
    as well as a swing grappling hook thing and various other nonsense.

    if all goes according to plan, i'll have a more solidified concept posted this evening
  • d00kie

    so i threw together a couple of quick inspiration boards.
    i decided the rider will be a young girl named 'Big Bear'
    the vehicle will be a bear mech made of playground equipment named 'UR5-a M1N.0r'


    there will be argyle in there somewhere. because argyle rocks.
    maybe stockings and a scarf.
    time to drawr.
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