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Submit your entry to the PETROL/BLOOD contest here. The deadline is August 9th, 2014 @ 23:59 EST (GMT -4).

IMPORTANT: This thread is for final submission images ONLY. There is to be no discussion on entries in this thread as it will be used for judging.


You and your team will be creating a diorama that depicts 2 of the following 3 stories. A vehicle and its driver who are either...
  • preparing for their next round in a 'death match' tournament
  • participating in a round of 'death match' tournament
  • or reacting to the finale of the death-match tournament.

It doesn't have to just be man-made vehicles! animal/beast+rider, car+driver, space ship + alien!, and so on.

Your vehicle/pilot should not have a bigger volume than 96 cubic meters (E.g. a volume that is 4x4x6 meters).

Your diorama should be no bigger than 1.5x the size of your vehicle and pilot.

Must be a member of Polycount

Up to 2 people per submission

You will create a thread in our Contest & Challenges forum. Participants must show the work-in-progress for their entries. Please follow this naming convention for your thread title:
  • PETROL/BLOOD - [Entry name]

You will submit your entry to the contest submission thread.

When you submit your entry for this contest, you must show the following:

The 2 beauty shots required

Up to 3 technical shots (vehicle, character, example of a completed diorama)
A link to your Polycount WIP thread

Beauty shots must be taken from Marmoset Toolbag 2

Technical shots must show examples of your geometry (mesh), and texture work. Lighting setup and other considerations are allowed but not required

You can create more than one entry for this contest (new thread each)

Must be original artwork and designs (nothing from existing IP’s or "fan art" are allowed)

Full details: http://www.polycount.com/petrolblood/


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