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Monitor Sizes beyond 24"

polycounter lvl 9
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sheckee polycounter lvl 9
Hey guys,

I'm looking to get myself a new screen, currently I use a 24" for my main screen but I was thinking of going a bit bigger. Just wondering if anyone uses larger than 24" and whether they like it or not? My main concern is for zbrush use.



  • unit187
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    unit187 polycounter lvl 7
    I use 27" monitor, it is absolutely amazing in every possible way. Definitely go for it.

    The only time I didn't like it was when I tried to use Modo. By default they use tiny font (and you also can't change it) and if you don't have super-healthy vision, it is practically impossible to read any text. Never encountered problems like thise before or after this Modo experience.
  • huffer
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    huffer interpolator
    I use a 27" DELL (2560x1440) and after a few years of use I'd rather have two or three smaller 22-24 ones, or go with a very large 32 inch 4K. A 27 takes up a lot of space and isn't that much bigger than a 24 inch.
  • marks
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    marks greentooth
    2x 24" at work and home, couldn't say I want more screen space tbh!
  • rawkstar
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    rawkstar polycounter lvl 16
    24 is a good size, if you go beyond that it gets complicated in terms of arranging things on your desk. Bigger screens are good if you don't have dual monitors, but most people find dual monitor setup to be ideal. 2x24s or 1 24 and a cintiq is probably the best setup for work.
  • Clark Coots
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    Clark Coots polycounter lvl 11
    i also have 2x24. dont feel i need more space at all.
  • sheckee
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    sheckee polycounter lvl 9
    Currently I'm using a 19", 24" and a cintiq 13".
    I'm finding the 13" Cintiq terribly small for zBrush (Love it for Photoshop) and really want to get a new main screen and an Intuos. Might grab one of those 2413 Dell's then and use that as my main screen with the current 24" as my second.
    Cheers guys! :)
  • ExcessiveZero
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    ExcessiveZero polycounter lvl 6
    2x24s and one 16 inch del, wouldn't want more than 2 24s, barely use the 16 inch its just good for keeping music playlists occasional facebook page incase my girlfriend messages me from work, that kind of thing, usually keep one centralized, I really wouldn't want anything larger, and 2 monitors are better than one for sure.
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