Hi-Rez Studios is 3D Environment Artists!

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Hi-Rez Studios is hiring qualified Environment Artists to work at our studio in Alpharetta, Georgia.
Come join the creator of the critically acclaimed SMITE, Tribes: Ascend and Global Agenda as we enhance and expand our online action games.

-Create architecture elements and environmental props for 3D online games
-Create efficient in-game models, UV's, and textures
-Follow Art Direction to maintain visual style of the game and stay within technical constraints when creating assets.

-Portfolio demonstrating exceptional 3D environment models and textures
-Working knowledge of 3D Studio Max and Photoshop for asset creation
-Thrives upon change. Comfortable prototyping and working with iterative development process.Demonstrated ability to take objects from idea to in-game asset
-Comfortable receiving constructive criticism and making artistic adjustments
-Able to work effectively with other modelers and other functions (animators, programmers, etc)
-Passion for games.
-Strong work ethic.

-Experience with Unreal 3 engine.
-AAA game development experience.

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