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[PAID] 2D artist for small rocket assembling PC game [+dinosaurs]


I'm looking for an artist to create simple graphics for a PC game (no mobile for now!). When I say simple, I don't mean ugly, I just mean I want simple shading, the necessary to create the distinction of shapes/forms. Why? Because the deadline is short, so you can start ASAP and also don't need to overwork the same piece over and over again (as long it is approved). One level of detail and it is done.

I'm looking for simple pixel art or simple vector art, no fancy and complex shading - simply because there is no time for them for this project. Only one level of shading. Examples (images from Ittle Dew, Kingdom Rush and Three Hundred Mechanics):

The game has Satan and Dinosaurs, how cool is that?

Basic work list:
- 1 main character with left view animation. It has also 6 front view face expressions.
- 1 variation of the main character above.
- 6 backgrounds.
- 25 game elements (i.e. weapon, container, etc). They most need only mechanical animations (i.e. rotate around an axis).
- 2 cutscenes (non animated, plain images).

Anyway of course this list says nothing, I already have a detailed work list. So please contact me via my email [email protected] providing link and examples of your portfolio, so I can send you the work list and we can deal a price.

Again, start IMMEDIATELY!

Thank you.
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