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Hello all -

I was just browsing the store page today and some things that have been nagging me for a while just became very apparent again.

Regular sets as well as recent treasure chests have good store visibility and are easily reachable, with sets having the extra advantage of being easily accessible within the game client since they are not only shown in the store but also when a character is being picked.

However, things like the gorgeous Styles of Unending Battle bundle are totally out of reach ; the only way to access it to know its name and type it directly in the search box (which basically means that it is limited to word of mouth). This is an absolute shame, since this is such a popular bundle which could sell even more than it currently does.


Wouldn't it be awesome if the store simply had an "item bundles" category for such packs ? I cannot see any reason why not, as it seems like it would benefit everybody involved : Valve, the creators, and the potential buyers. Is there a way to contact someone at Valve about it ? It seems like a very quick fix - simply flagging such bundles with a unified tag, and adding an extra category right after Items>Loading screens to display them.

On a semi related note, older treasure chests also suffer from a dumb missing detail : their key description does not have a listing of what they can grant. This seems like another oversight to me, since there is no way for a casual player to know where to look for the information.


Now of course this is less relevant since newer chests don't require keys. But it seems like an easy thing to fix still.

What do you all think ?


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    I think the store is pretty bad.

    In TF2 you can browse by character, weapon, tool, etc...

    Of course there aren't 'sets', crate bundles yes, but not just single character sets (from said bundle).

    But EVERYTHING is on the store.

    Being pretty new to dota, I never saw singles in store. Why can't I buy that one single item I want. I have to buy a key and take a chance? I have to search web to find out what that key grants? Or I have to visit market place?

    I realize there are a lot more heros in Dota and more work for store staff but they make a killing from it. Only makes sense they'd throw as much support at it as possible. Have every single item for sale.
  • agito666
    i only lnow when i doing research on windranger / windrunner, they keyword of her is messed up badly.
  • MdK
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    I noticed the key issue myself recently, compared to the current chest system they are much worse off. However, I guess most people don't buy the keys unless they get a chest and most people who buy the chests from the marketplace will already know what's inside.

    Still, having a small tooltip on the keys couldn't hurt.
  • AndrewHelenek
  • ike_ike
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    huh. the venge ward i made with spudnik used to be in that chest, but it's disappeared.
  • bounchfx
    some of the older chests got revamped with all new items. I'm not sure how many, at least two. I don't think an announcement was ever made though.

    and I agree Pior - a way to search or sort through bundles would be an excellent addition to the store's functionality.
  • Spudnik
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    ike_ike wrote: »
    huh. the venge ward i made with spudnik used to be in that chest, but it's disappeared.

    Que? So it's not available any more O.o?
  • pior
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    pior hero character
    Ok so in regards to bundles, I finally figured out how to find them : they are listed under "view all / hero sets", which is a link hidden at the very bottom of the page.


    I think this "view all" option should instead simply be part of the regular sets list, at the beginning or end of it.
    Something like this :


    And yeah Andrew, it's a crazy coincidence that just as this situation was being discussed, the chest system got a revamp and key/chest previews just got added for older ones. It must have been being worked on for a while, given that all the older ones also received new custom promo art.

    So I suppose that every chest made of single items is now available for store purchase, at the condition of also buying a generic key to open it ? Or, is the plain $2.49 key just here for legacy reasons (ie opening an chest left unopened in someones armory ?), with the newly reworked single items treasures now opening without the need of a key, just like the recent hero ones ? This is getting confusing ...

    Also, I remember hearing somewhere that the authors of the random rare awards of a chest only receive a split when someone is lucky enough to unlock the item. Is that still true ?

    (On a side note : there is a typo in the single items treasure descriptions when seen from the in-game client. It says "Purchase this treasure and you will receive one of the sets listed above[...]")
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    Snowstorm greentooth
    I'm quite happy with the old chests getting converted. So much more convenient to buy the chests traight from the store rather than to have to go to the market to buy a chest AND THEN go and buy a key. Perhaps having the chests also linked to the heros whose items are contained within could be another helpful step.

    The chest conversions should have quite an interesting effect on the trading economy though. Traders often value or trade their items in keys. With keys going the way of the dodo like that, wonder what's going to replace that as the base currency.
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