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brandv3d polycounter lvl 6
Hello everyone,

This project is called “Military Warehouse” and it was inspired by the smelting factory in “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”.

I wanted to try some new texturing techniques in Photoshop by creating all the texture first and then I used dDo for the first time and made adjustments to the maps with that and can’t wait until the new software comes out.

I created the modular pieces in 3ds Max, then imported and placed them and rendered in CryEngine. There are a total of 2 sets of props and 2 4096x4096 texture maps with 5,111 polys for set A, and 2,279 polys for set B. After some lighting adjustments and adding the birds and other natural extras, I then rendered it out at 1920p x 1080p.

Everything in the scene I made except for the trees and natural vegetation, dirt and the sky. This project took about 2-3 weeks, but if I would have to put a time frame of actual work time, it took about 40 hours from start to finish.

Thanks for looking, hope you like it. Any tips or comments are welcome.


  • Abdullah
    very nice over all. however i have few comments..

    when you said military warehouse i expected more of "military" hangars, tents and wired fences etc. A brick warehouse? i dunno.

    your normal map, baked out of an image isnt always a good idea especially with doors and windows.
  • WhiskyDelta
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    WhiskyDelta polycounter lvl 4
    Overall i think it looks awesome, however the repeating metal shutter texture is the most obvious due to the fact it has the identical graffiti marking on it. If i were you i would remove the graffiti from your main map and great a separate graffiti atlas to place as decals around the environment. You can then place them on the brick areas as well.

    Its not necessarily bad idea using photos for normal maps, for bricks and concrete etc it works fine but i do agree with Abdullah its not the best approach for windows and doors whereby the colour of the pixels can reflect change in surface details (ie a window reflection) Your best bet would be to great a grayscale bump map in photoshop for these elements and load that into nDo or Crazybump etc. If you base colour is a mid grey then you can have raised and lowerd elements in your map.

    Good work though, how long?

  • warby
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    warby polycounter lvl 13
    huge fan of how you have atlased your textures =)

    but somehow the red brick texture + the lighting doesnt work well in the shots it also turn down the "chromatic abbreviation" or what ever its called where the color channels get shifted towards the edge of the screen
  • sargentcrunch
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    sargentcrunch polycounter lvl 6
    Some things that stand out to me are the graffiti being repeated on every door, and the brick looks too saturated which makes it harder to read from a distance. It also looks like some pieces aren't lining up perfectly.
  • brandv3d
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    brandv3d polycounter lvl 6
    Thanks for the comments guys,

    I am making those changes as soon as I can cause I want to put this in my portfolio. The first thing is the title,(it has to go) it was based mostly on a lack of a title, and then also the hummer in the scene, but I will leave the military out of it.

    The normal maps are going to be on my list to fix. The metal sliding door was one of my concerns as well and it will be changed with a plain one and only one graffiti one. The saturation should be easy to fix in CryEngine because that is where I added the red, but I think it was to much red.

    Warby- I'm not sure what you mean by chromatic abbreviation, do you mean the glow/ bloom effect?

    Whisky- It took about 40 hours to make.

    I have a video cinematic done for this scene but I want to make these changes before I show the video.

    Thanks for all the comments, and I'll be getting to work on them right away.
  • brandv3d
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    brandv3d polycounter lvl 6
    Well, the video is already uploaded on youtube, so I'll share the link, but I haven't yet fixed the changes suggested above,( I am currently working on those now), but here is the video for now. hopefully I can get some feedback on the video or cinematic comments as well.

    Thanks, enjoy.
  • brandv3d
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    brandv3d polycounter lvl 6
    the new video is coming soon...
  • Marshkin
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    Marshkin polycounter lvl 4
    Very cool! I really like your use of texture space and the scene turned out really well overall!
    The identical graffiti on the garage doors that are side by side is pretty distracting.
    The large windows don't hold up as well in the video. You can see the bars in the windows cashing shadows on to the plane behind it. The seem to be really far away from the curtains.
    I noticed in the video that there seemd to be some artifacting/flickering on the top of the building on the left at around 0:33. I think you have metal there but it's spec looks really high.
  • steve0
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    steve0 polycounter lvl 4
    Hey Brandv3d! Good start on the scene. Definitely a good use of texture space.

    Some feedback:

    This feels like the 3d motive tutorial, Modular Building Worflow by Tyler Wanlass.

    It's definitely a great start, however I would try and make the ascetic your own. Make it more unique to the scene and follow the environment more. The buildings are awfully clean compared to the jungle muddy ground. I imagine all the trucks and artillery moved around this area kicking and flinging dirt everywhere, especially on the buildings/garages.

    Paint more into the textures. One way you can do this, since your using ddo (which is amazing), you can create your own dirt/grunge preset, and use it for both textures. Add dust, acid rain grime, etc, and make sure you have your mat id's set (or masks). Make sure to adjust gloss/spec maps for each type of material in your texture. Your's can definitely use some work because it's making your textures look very similar and flat.

    The foliage really helps define the world and terrain. They look randomly scattered with the veg brush with no random rotate and size. All the foliage you placed in the scene don't have any cohesion at the moment. The pine tree requires a way different environment than the little palm tree bush. They are growing on sand, which doesn't make sense for the type of trees/bushes. I'd go a more desert feel if you decide to keep the sand with jungle grass/bushes growing in and near the puddles. Other wise, push more mud/dirt and it make it a woodland type of base. With your current type of architecture/textures, I'd suggest woodland.

    I also agree with every other polycounters feedback.

    Hopefully this helps! Keep on truckin :D! Cryengine rocks!
  • brandv3d
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    brandv3d polycounter lvl 6
    I have taken all your good advice and built the Warehouse up from flat to all dirty and more interesting. Here are a few of my new screenshots.

    Hope you guys like it.

    CryEngine does Rock!
  • Add3r
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    Add3r polycounter lvl 6
    Its not a horrible idea to paint in a base layer of moss and such into the textures, but I do recommend doing a lot of the grunt work in terms of the moss/ivy, using decals/alphas. Then using a foliage mesh that can be draped over the walls and doors. If used correctly, can yield some amazing results. Also allows you to make the entire scene unique with just an atlas for base textures, grime, and then meshes to support.
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