[3DS MAX] PolyUnwrapper 4.0 Released

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Hi guys,

I have just released PolyUnwrapper 4.0.

What's New

+ NEW Multi Stitch. Stitch Multiple Shells at once
+ NEW Packing algorithm and tools
+ NEW Tool for matching the Shells Width and Height
+ NEW Grid Spacing and Show/Hide Grid button
+ NEW Render Offset UVs
+ NEW Cycle Checker map
+ NEW Cycle Freeform Snap Pivot
+ NEW Grow Geometry Selection
+ NEW Shrink Geometry Selection
+ NEW Added support for localized versions (Japanese, Korean, Chinese)
+ NEW Added support for 3ds Max 2015
+ NEW PolyUnwrapper Toolbar will now automatically undock when Unwrap Editor is Maximized (Max 2012+)
+ NEW PolyUnwrapper Toolbar and other windows now keeps on top of the Unwrap Editor
+ NEW Render mode Shells Bounding Rectangle
+ NEW Added Render Open Edges

- Improved Multiple Shell Edges detection algorithm in Align to Edge tool
- Improved Validate geometry at startup
- Improved Added option to switch to Dynamic Color Palette if Color Palette file is missing
too many selected edges would lead to a very long operation
- Improved Settings Manager
- Improved Render Settings now save the Render Color Mode correctly
- Improved PolyUnwrapper Toolbar move/resize when docked in in 3ds Max 2012 and above
- Improved Docking/Undocking mechanics now works better.
- Improved Support for all localized 3ds Max versions is now much stable
- Improved compatibility with Windows 8
- Improved Added Undo for Mirror with multiple selected objects
- Improved Now Unwrap Editor maximizes to full screen (if it was in full screen) when
the PolyUnwrapper Toolbar is undocked (Max 2010-2011)
- Improved the VFB is now much more efficient and render much smoother with specially with very large images
- Improved VFB window will now change to normal state when rendering, if it was minimized
- Improved Added Hand and Zoom cursors to the VFB
- Improved VFB can now zoom IN-OUT using Ctrl+Left/Ctrl+Right mouse buttons
- Improved Edges render faster now
- Improved Used Texture Area is always calculated and displayed in the VFB when rendering faces
- Improved Algorithm for rendering selected edges runs up to 50X faster for 100K edges and uses around 50% less memory
- Improved Send UV Selection (Edges) runs up to 220X faster for 50K edges and uses around 50% less memory
- Improved Part of the UI has been redesigned
- Improved Uninstalling will now also remove the PolyUnwrapper Macros

- Fixed VFB Get Used UV Area was not reporting accurate values in some cases
- Fixed Bug in Render color palettes dynamic generator
- Fixed Select Open Edges algorithm where it failed to find all OP in certain meshes
- Fixed wirecolors where not restored if Subobject Level was 0 and node was deselected
- Fixed wirecolors where not restored if nodes were deleted
- Fixed Enlarge/Shrink brush size buttons where enabled all the time
- Fixed UI Elements not being disabled in subobjectlevel 0
- Fixed Settings were not restored correctly to default values
- Fixed Bug in Send UV selection to modifiers
- Fixed Render parameters where not keeping their values when docking/undocking the Toolbar
- Fixed Bug in Set Brush Size dialog not being able to retrieve the actual size
- Fixed VFB window will now open at a fixed size if rendered template is too small
- Fixed Memory Leak in Send UV Selection to Poly
- Fixed bug in Render Color Palette where the first color of the palette was never used
- Fixed several minor bugs

- Changed Disabled Stitch in Face mode
- Changed Align Macros are now unified
- Changed initial countdown screen for unregistered versions, will now appear only once per 3ds Max session
- Changed EULA

- Removed Save/Load UVW buttons
- Removed DialogMonitorOPS

[mod edit: added 3ds max to title]


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