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Hey everyone! With Legacy dDo recently becoming available to everyone, I thought it might be fitting to give my plugin one last major update. Have a look!

Swift manipulation of materials:


There are automatic texture, utility, and shading group naming conventions to keep organized, all based on the material name:


Get your materials and textures loaded in seconds instead of minutes (gif is in real time):


Watch the breakdown here!
Get the plugin here! Compatible with Maya versions 2011 thru 2015!

Version Changes
--  April 30 2014 --  Version 3.0.0

1)  Completely overhauled the code!  Hopefully it's easier to read now
2)  Enhanced compatability between versions
3)  Revamped how selection/rename/delete works.  Read more on this under the window's Help menu
4)  It is now quicker and easier to select and modify multiple materials.  Hold SHIFT to toggle material selections, hold CTRL to clear markers
5)  Updated help menus to reflect changes
6)  Holding ALT while clicking a material in the list will now show that material in the Attribute Editor without losing your current selection
7)  Material search bar added!
8)  Alphabetical sorting will now properly order lower- and upper-case materials
9)  Indicator added in Sorting menu to display the active sorting mode
10) Colorized the frame layouts for aesthetics and easier visual separation of sections
11) Removed quick material "Checker".  In Maya 2015, a checker shader comes built into the UV editor window
12) Relocated New Custom Material to the Quick Materials frame
13) Relocated hypershade/graph network buttons to the Quick Materials frame
14) Main listing now updates after assigning a new material from the Assign New Material window
15) Updated Contact/Update frame contents
16) Removed many superfluous warnings when deleting materials.  Some may still occur but should not affect functionality
17) Indicators should now properly display even when more complex materials are assigned to an object (such as car paint, misss, etc.)
18) Material list and indicators should now update after importing and opening a new scene.


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