[UE4] - Merlin's Tower

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I wanted to spend some personal art time learning Unreal Engine 4. Seemed like a great place to try some new techniques (PBR) and ideas on too. I'll post updates as I get them done. Taking my time with this one though so don't expect it overnight. I'll try to share things as best I can. Any questions ever just post and I can break stuff down.

Most everything will be going through ZBrush at some point. I'm not sticking to the reference images 1:1. Things change shot to shot a bit and it'll be hard to match up. Also the walls for one I wanted to push more in the sculpt than the bricks in the movie. Overall though the telescope, bed, books, globe, etc will all be in there and it should feel like the tower.



Initial wall sculpt:


Probably went overboard with the sculpt. But the grout pretty decent. Just needs a polish pass and some tertiary rocks and details.


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