Rocky mountain landscape

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tsmith3d ngon master
Worked on this scene last year, wanted to see if there is more room for improvement.tumblr_mvlqpxiYA31r6dj3ro3_r2_1280.jpg


  • Higuy
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    Higuy polycounter lvl 4
    Looks beautiful. One thing that caught my eye was the repetition in the trees in the valley below, seems like a lot of them are placed at the same angles. Other than that I would recommend adding a bit to the skybox as its rather just a dull blue gradient.

    Also, the bush sitting on the rock seems to have a black outline around it. Not really sure if this was an intent but can't notice it on other things.

    Obviously this is just getting pretty critical, but atm it does look great! Awesome work.
  • atomander
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    atomander polycounter lvl 5
    This is really lovely, and a landscape type I haven't seen posted here much. Would be awesome if you posted a breakdown!
  • gsokol
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    gsokol Polycount Sponsor
    Looks cool. I agree about the trees, they look like they are all just clumped into a small space. The fog/clouds rolling over the mountains look pretty harsh when they intersect with the mountain.

    Also, I'm seeing some sorta varying levels of style. The ground/vegetation looks kinda realistic, the rocks look broad and stylized, the trees are somewhere in between, and the mountains look a bit more realistic. This kinda throws some things off.

    The first thing I look at in this shot is those rocks...they look like they might have lower texel density, or they just have broader shape/colors and aren't as contrasty as everything else...sorta makes them stand out to me.
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