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zombie420 polycounter lvl 10
I imported a base mesh from maya, into ZBrush and have begun sculpting. Is it possible to scale that mesh on an individual axis within ZBrush? I read somewhere that it is, but I think it said it needed to be a particular type of mesh and I'm too new to distinguish ZBrush's mesh types.


  • Bartalon
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    Bartalon polycounter lvl 12
    Under the Deformation sub-palette in the Tool menu there is a Size modifier which you can toggle the little XYZ letters to change which axis/axes your subtool will scale across. Keep in mind this scales from the origin so if you are trying to use the Deformation modifiers on an object not at origin, the object will move out of its position.

    Alternatively, you can use the Transpose Tools to scale across a single axis. First snap your camera to an axial view by holding shift while orbiting, then switch to Scale mode and drag out your transpose line from the point from which you want to scale, hold shift, and drag the center ring.
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