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AlecMoody polycounter
Hi everyone,
I wanted to make a new thread so workshop artist could see the newest handplane build features. The biggest improvement we made for workshop people is a handplane plugin for Xnormal that bakes directly into Source Engine tangent space. Install this one time and get synced bakes directly out of xnormal :) We also spent quite a bit of time testing and addressing an issue related to inverted color patches on some models.
More information in this video:

If you are interested in using the xnormal plugin please watch the video as it covers install and how to use it correctly. Your models must have the correct export settings for xnormal and source engine to work together.

As always, suggestions for future builds are welcome. Our next big improvement for workshop artists will be a lightweight model viewer that matches source engine tangent space so that artists can evaluate their normals without needing to launch dota.

handplane 1.4 is here:


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