Nightshade Materializer - Material manager (Autodesk Maya)

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I've just got my latest Tech Art creation approved on Creative Crash:
Nightshade Materializer is a Maya tool for managing and working with scene materials. It's a Swiss Army Knife -styled tool with loads of features aimed to make the life easier for the 3D Artist and/or Level Designer working in Maya. It's written entirely in Python using the PyMEL module.


Feature list:
-Material swatches for quick material access
-Fast material assigning (in just two clicks!)
-Scene materials listed in a scrollable list
-Eyedropper for getting the material of a face selection
-Faster creation of common shaders (make tons of them in seconds)
-Icons for quick access to nodes in the attribute editor
-Fast rename of individual materials
-Batch rename scene materials
-Set texture directory and re-link materials
-Grow material selection to entire mesh/submesh
-Select everything in the scene by material
-Paint assign material
-Shortcuts to hypershade and UV editor
-Print list of scene materials
-Delete unused materials
-Support for Mental Ray and V-Ray shaders


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