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Tileable Dirt & Pebbles Texture

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josh_lynch interpolator
Final Render:



Hey all! Started working on a tiling soil and pebbles texture.

My goals for this project are....

1. Go out and take reference photos. Understand the subject im working with.
2. Achieve a photo real look and proper PBR set up.
3. Use photos as a base for sculpt.
4. Work as much in ZBrush as possible once my heightmap is created.
5. Render out in Marmoset 2.

With that photo real look in mind I went out this weekend and took photos for reference, as well as gathered reference online. Decided to go for a dirt that has movement, not a compact dirt. As well, I want to have a variety of pebbles and other debris throughout the texture to offset the dirt and move the eye around.

Reference Images


Progress Render

This first pass render is using a normal map, height map, and a flat albedo color.


Look forward to your thoughts and feedback.



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