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[wip] Water Well Prop

I wanted to make a modular prop and try out Marmoset toolbag for the first time.

I am still in the process of finishing the diffuse texture. No spec or normal maps have been created. I also have not adjusted the lighting yet.

Critiques are always welcome and appreciated.



  • FatalFrost
    I minor update today. Finished the diffuse textures and now creating normal and spec maps. It seems like the gloss attribute also affects the spec map?

  • Moosebish
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    Moosebish polycounter lvl 9
    Its looking pretty good, keep at it. A tip for the future, do you bakes for normals, AO, cavity, etc. first. They can help a lot in your diffuse creation. The best looking models have textures that all compliment each other.

    Also this has a very bland color pallet, right now. Lots of browns, yellows, and grey. Try injecting more colors by adding grass, flowers, vines, muchrooms, or anything else that you can think of. That will brighten up the scene and give it much more character.

    Good job!
  • dvisionvoid
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    dvisionvoid polycounter lvl 6
    Hey good job there! Can you show us the UVs? I was doing a similar prop few weeks ago and i'm curious on how do they look, thanks!
  • NegevPro
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    NegevPro polycounter lvl 4
    Looking good so far. As Moosebish pointed out, do the bakes first because they'll have a huge impact on your final look. To answer your question about gloss, it controls the size of the specular highlights. Having a really low amount of gloss will make the highlights very large whereas having a large amount of gloss will make the specular highlights tiny to give your asset a wet sort of look. Here's a handy screenshot to quickly show the difference between different gloss values.

    If you're going for a realistic look with a modern technical limitation, then it would be wise to take advantage of a gloss map.
  • FatalFrost
    Thanks guys for the feedback. I have finally finished the spec and normal maps. I also created an AO based off the normal map in nDO2.

    I was planning on creating some foliage and have been fiddling with it but I can't seem to find the double sided material option in Marmoset Toolbag. Is there a way to turn it on or do I need to create mirrored meshes for the billboard foliage?

    Thanks again guys.


    dvisionvoid: Here are the UV's for the object.

  • ZacD
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    ZacD polycounter
    You have way too much lighting information in the diffuse for Marmoset Toolbag 2, there shouldn't be any AO or shadows/shading in the diffuse.
  • RobeOmega
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    RobeOmega polycounter lvl 7
    So many things in your UV map could be halved if you doubled up your UV's in some sections. I will do a paint over tomorrow if possible
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