Sci-Fi Spaceship PhotonRay L7-8

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kimmokaunela polycounter
Here we go again! This time I want to test my skills in spaceship modeling. It´s nice to do different things and learn more new stuff.

The idea just hit me again when I was watching tv. I saw a Formula F1 advertisement and next ad was something about spaceships (can´t remember what that advertise). Then I start to think what would happen when I mix those two together. I opened 3ds Max and started to model something and pretty fast I got something interesting in my viewports. I have a Chevrolet Corvette Sting-Ray toy car on my desk so I used that as a reference too. The wing idea is borrowed from birds. Concept tested by the nature :)

At this point I really just want to test different forms and learn more about 3d concept work flow.

Here is the progress so far:



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