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Hair Authoring Tools and Techniques Round Up

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prolow polycounter lvl 11
[size=+3]Hair geometry authoring from control curves.[/size]

[size=+3]Hair strand from geometry techniques.[/size]
[ame=" Maya Hair Script promotion video - YouTube[/ame]

[size=+3]Hair geometry authoring techniques.[/size]
[ame=" Polygon Hair for Game Characters - YouTube[/ame]
[ame=" 2014 | Eren | 05 | Hairs - YouTube[/ame]

[size=+3]Hair curve and strand authoring techniques.[/size]
[ame=" Fur Dans Blender - YouTube[/ame]

[size=+3]Hair grooming techniques.[/size]

wtf, youtube no embed!?

[size=+3]Other cool stuff[/size]
[ame=" Hair Capture (Siggraph 2013) - YouTube[/ame]


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