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Hello! I’ve just finished working on a script for Photoshop that combines normal maps using the “detail-oriented” technique described here: The script takes all the visible layers from your document and combines them. It should work with 8 and 16 bit images. You can change the intensity of all the individual normal maps realtime regardless of the size :)

It also works with just 1 normal map if you want to increase or decrease the strength of it.

I’ve made this script because I didn’t really like the results of the usual methods of combining normal maps in Photoshop (Overlay,...). This method should also be pretty fast, it takes around 30-40ms to combine a 512x512 image (this is just the combining part, saving the layers / creating the UI takes some time as well).


I've used Ryan Clark's images to keep it all consistent :) (
[ame=" Normal Photoshop Script - YouTube[/ame]

You can download it here. There's also some extra information there.

You can either download the installer (Photoshop 64bit or 32bit) or download the individual files and copy them to the script folder of Photoshop (...\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop VERSION\Presets\Scripts). The installer also installs the Visual Studio 2013 redistributables so if you download the individual files you will need to install these yourself.

Questions or comments are very welcome! :)


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