From 3D to 2D (occasional nudity)

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Cordero greentooth
I have been doing hand painted models for a while now, and I believe the time has come to step up my game in the 2D bussiness! ( 3D work can be found here: )

I learned 3D thru forums, and thru the amazing people I had the luck of getting feedback from. I wouldn't be doing what I love for a living now without those poeple! And those people are You guys! :D

So now I'm moving into another direction, and to learn, and get better in this direction, I move back to school.. which is here on the forums! :D

I hope you guys will find my stuff interesting enough to keep scrolling, or even leave a nasty comment or two :D

I'm doing studies nowadays, each taking 1 hour, where I focus on understanding the picture I'm copying, in order to understand why those particular blocks of shadows, or patches of light appear at certain places.. after doing 100 of those, I probably will move on to 2 hour projects, maybe doing 100 of those, and then maybe moving to 3 hour works.. I think you got the idea! :D Probably as I move to more hours, I will do more pictures, and hopefully artworks which are not copyies or studies, but original stuff whcih I currently only draw on paper.. :D Anyway, I'm at 16 right now! these are some of the "usable" ones! (the first three took more than 1 hour)

enough talk, pictures from now :)


originals in order:

check them out, they are pretty good! :D



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