"Chicago: Second City" in the style of "Watch Dogs"

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Hi all,

I am so excited to play and see the new upcoming game "Watch Dogs". It is set in a futuristic city based off of the real city of Chicago.

The game play is that every electronic system can be hacked and the main player has all control from peoples history, ATM bank account and also has the power to cause a whole city blackout at the push of a button.

Not only is this going to have awesome game play but the graphics look great as well as the art in the game.. so I decided to make my own city based on the current city of Chicago.

(If you have never been to Chicago you need to plan a trip there and see some sweet architecture and the culture there.)

I started with a google map of the main downtown and the loop areas.

I then traced the streets and plots of the building frames out in Illustrator so I could use these lines to make the buildings with a script called GhostTown.

Then I had something to work with in 3ds Max.

I made the streets using the same script which can be found here...

I then made the well know structures and buildings know from the real Chicago.

I few more buildings and then the ones from the script started to build my city up...

I had a little bit of help from the google warehouse and downloaded sketchUp to add buildings to fill up the empty space to get to this point

Here are two videos I made from this 30,000,000 polygon scene.
[ame=" Cityscape Part 1 - YouTube[/ame]
[ame=" Part2 - YouTube[/ame]

Thanks for looking.


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