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Highpoly to lowpoly workflow weapons

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SazySV polycounter lvl 4
I haven’t modelled many weapons so wanted to start with some fairly straight forward. I’ve started modelling this ithica shotgun. (Approx 1500 tris)


I want to get an idea or a rule of thumb on making the high poly version and baking out the normal map within 3DS Max. I know this model isn’t perfect, I haven’t quite perfected it but wanted to post this up to get some information on the matter as I’m doing so.

When modelling a high poly version?
- Should I duplicate the mesh, and keep it as close to the original as possible but add more subdivisions?
- Add the smaller detailing, like: Ridges on the pump, fastenings, screws etc.
- Any pointers that I may have missed in this?

For baking the normals?

- I obviously need to UV map the lowpoly, then use render to texture?
- Does any have a link to a guide or an explanation on doing this in 3DS Max? (or equivalent)

I did see a tutorial a long while ago from "Millenia" or similar on a very similar shotgun, but with a different stock as I remember. I just want some basic pointers rather than having to sit through 50 minutes of video plus.

Thanks for your time!


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