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Best way to stay on model while animating in 2d?

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melviso polycounter lvl 10
I am hoping to get some feedback from anyone here with some experience in 2d animation.
I have been wondering about what is the best method to maintain consistency when animating a character in 2d animation especially making sure ur character remains consistency in appearance and volume from frame to frame and there are no wobbly lines.
There is this saying that u have to familarize urself with the character by drawing the character over and over until u can draw it from different angles and the appearance and volume are the same or u start animating directly while cross referencing it with the model sheets to ensure u stay on model.

Are these the only techniques or there are others?Also,if one was to practice drawing the characters over and over till they get it right.For how long should this be done.3 days? A week?


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