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It's been a long arduous journey, but we're finally at a point where we have all our bases covered and all our effort is now focused on Kickstarter preparations. We are still always interested in connecting with talented people, but we unfortunately just don't have the time right now to consider bringing on new teammembers and getting them up to speed. So until after our Kickstarter, we won't be adding any more people (unless you specialize in crowdfunding, project management, or video). Apologies to anyone who has reached out recently, we've just been really busy but we will get back to you!
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• Title - Project Resurgence
• Platform - PC, Mac
• Genre - Isometric Narrative cRPG
• Engine - Unity
• Compensation - royalty based on Kickstarter, opportunity for full-time after

The Game
Project Resurgence is a narrative-driven roleplaying game set in a unique fantasy/sci-fi world. The game focuses on the player developing a custom character in a gritty, violent world where there are no right and wrong answers and every choice has visible repercussions. It is a love letter to the classic Infinity Engine games (Baldur’s Gate, Fallout, Planescape: Torment, and Arcanum) and it is our sincerest hope to help bring about a resurgence in this brand of story-heavy and highly reactive roleplaying experiences that we love so dearly. The game features a classless character development system, multiple player races, tactical isometric combat, a branching story, and nonviolent skill-based objective resolution. And if we can be so bold as to have our game be even slightly considered a spiritual successor to those beloved games, I think we can all die happy.

Who We Are
Nectar Game Studios is a new startup, trying to break into the indie scene with our first game. We are an eclectic group of talented individuals from all over the world, who have come together from a love of old-school RPGs and a desire to use that knowledge to create our dream game. Since founding NGS in early 2013, we have grown to become a team of 30+ members all with a strong background in game development. The team is highly motivated and constantly striving to create the highest quality content possible for Resurgence, and we are always looking for like-minded individuals overflowing with passion, creativity, and professionalism. That being said, since we are a new startup trying to secure funding, we are mostly targeting people new to the game industry: students, recent grads, layoffs, and hobbyists. You may also notice we have quite a few composers on the team, and all I can tell you is this game’s soundtrack is going to be mesmerizing!

Next Milestone
At the moment, we are currently gearing up to launch a Kickstarter campaign, to throw our brainchild on the mercy of the crowd and hopefully secure the funding we need. Since RPGs are massive projects in terms of both scope and production time, we’ve decided to split ours into 5 episodes, with each episode representing a self-contained story arc and area of the world. All of our efforts so far have been focused on creating a polished vertical slice demo showing all our essential features. If our Kickstarter is successful, we will then have enough funds to start paying the team full-time and complete production of Episode 1.

What We Can Offer
We are currently looking for additional team members who are willing to work for post-Kickstarter compensation. Until we receive funding through the Kickstarter campaign, this is purely a collaborative unpaid project . If the Kickstarter fails, there will be no compensation of any kind. Once we do receive funding, all team members will receive a portion of the funds raised as a thank you for all their hard work up to that point, and we will transition to paid full-time and contract work. As of now, we are able to offer a fast-paced virtual work environment, with a clear vision and end-goal. Our team prides itself on being an ego-free, professional environment where each of us may continue to gain experience, develop our skills, and express our creativity. If nothing else, we hope this passion project will become an interesting bulletpoint on each of resumes, but our sincerest desire is that it will evolve into something much greater. In return, all we expect from each team member is the following:
• Sign our NDA and put in at least 5 hours of work a week.
• Be a proactive worker and communicator.
• Be accountable, respectful, and professional.
• “Keep calm, and don’t be a dick.” -Wil Wheaton

What We’ve Accomplished
Working Unity Build
• We have a working Unity code base shared through GitHub, with the majority of the systems and mechanics in place.
Expansive Lore & Plot Outline
• Even before production actually started, about two years of brainstorming went into the lore and storyline, resulting in a very clear vision of this world and the project.
Evolving Collaborative Documentation
• We use Google Drive and Dropbox for all documentation and assets, so the current version of everything is easily accessible to all teammates. These docs are constantly evolving, which also keeps everyone on the same page while also promoting communication and collaboration.
Pretty Bitchin’ Concept Art
• We’ve completed most of concept art needed for the demo, with more being completed every week. Our artists have done an outstanding job creating a blended fantasy/sci-fi aesthetic, which has proved a constant source of excitement and inspiration for the team.
Trained and Organized Management
• Both producers hold Master’s degrees in game production, are trained in Agile methodologies, and have managed several small-team student/indie projects.
Large Committed Team
• We have a team of 30+ dedicated members who are all extremely passionate and continuously strive to make our vision a reality.
Kickstarter Research
• We have contracted an experienced Kickstarter consultant, and have conducted considerable research to help avoid common pitfalls and maximum our crowdfunding potential.

Team Size = 35 | 35
4 | 4 - Programmers
1 | 1 - 3D Character Modeler
1 | 1 - 3D Animator
2 | 2 - Graphic Designer
4 | 4 - 3D Enviro Modeler
4 | 4 - Concept Artists
1 | 1 - 2D UI Artist
1 | 1 - Web Developer
3 | 3 - Game Designer
1 | 1 - Level Designers
2 | 2 - Writer
3 | 3 - Producer
1 | 1 - Sound Designer
7 | 7 - Composers

What We’re Looking For
General Qualities
• Passionate and trustworthy – This is a passion project and we only do it because we absolutely love making games. The team is like a family, and honesty and mutual respect is what binds us.
• Great communication – You must have a good grasp of English grammar, and be consistently available through Skype and email.
• Motivated and proactive – Got an idea or see a problem? Say something, and we’ll make the game more awesome!
• Accountability and dependability – Professionalism is the name of the game.
• Creative and collaborative – Everyone on our team contributes to the design of the game, and you must be willing to give and take constructive criticism. Check your ego at the door.
• A love of narrative-driven roleplaying games, particularly the Infinity Engine games

• Experience developing videogame code using C# in Unity
• Experience using version tracking and working as part of a team of developers
• Experience developing RPGs or Strategy games is a plus
• Specialization in AI, Rendering, or Particle Effects is a plus
• Strong eye for efficiency, clean code, and bug tracking

3D Environment Modeler
• Experience with hard surface and organic modeling
• Experience Kitbashing and create modular assets using tilesets
• Ability to create both high and low poly models based on concept art
• Ability to create both hand-painted and photo-sourced texture maps: diffuse, spec, normal, alpha, and emissive
• Strong skills with Maya and Zbrush
• Strong eye for detail in architecture and natural environments

3D Character Modeler
• Experience with humanoid, monster, and animal modeling
• Ability to create both hand-painted and photo-sourced texture maps: diffuse, specular, normal, alpha, and emissive
• Ability to create both high and low poly models based on concept art
• Strong skills with Maya and Zbrush
• Strong eye for detail in human and animal anatomy
• Rigging and animation skill is a plus but not required

3D Animator
• Experience rigging and animating bipedal characters, quadruped animals, weapons, and environments
• Experience with Unity and the ability to import animations and set up animation trees
• Technical understanding of animations and their use for player feedback
• Strong skills with Maya
• Particle and visual effect skill is a plus but not required

Visual FX Artist
• Experience creating realistic particle systems and mesh-based visual effects such as explosions, muzzle flashes, impact effects, flames, electricity, etc.
• Experience with Unity’s Shuriken particle system
• Technical understanding of visual effects and their use for player feedback

Graphic Designer
• Experience designing web pages, logos, and promotional graphics
• Strong skills with Photoshop and Illustrator
• Web Developer skill is a plus but not required

2D UI Artist
• Experience creating User Interface designs, HUD, and icons
• Strong skills with Photoshop and Illustrator
• Motion Graphic skill is a plus but not required

Concept Artist
• Experience creating unique and high quality concept art
• Ability to match an art style and iterate designs based on feedback
• Specialization in Environments or Visual Effects is a plus
• Strong eye for anatomy, architecture, composition, color, and lighting

Level Designer
• Experience with iterative level design and crafting areas through all stages of production, from initial sketches to final polished environments
• Experience designing believable settlements as well as dungeons filled with exploration and dynamic combat areas
• Experience with Unity and designing to a hex grid is a plus
• Good understanding of RPGs and party-based isometric tactical combat
• Ability to design to given requirements and iterate based on feedback
• Strong eye for critical path, wayfinding, architecture, and narrative design

Web Developer
• Experience developing websites based on design concepts
• Experience with forums and SQL databases
• Strong Knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript
• Graphic Design skill is a plus but not required

How To Apply
Our website is currently in development, so for the time being if you’re interested in joining our team please send a resume and portfolio to [email protected]. Please use the subject line “Resurgence - <Job Title>” (ex. Resurgence - 3D Environment Modeler) to indicate your desired position. For your email, please keep it short and sweet. Just tell us a little about yourself, summarize your qualifications, and mention what about this project interests you. We will be evaluating all applicants based on their resumes and portfolio submissions. We would like all applicants to submit a small portfolio of recent work, demonstrating their skillset. Released games are ideal, but unfinished and student projects are also fine. If you submit videos, screenshots, or game builds, please specify exactly what you contributed in those examples. Also, feel free to ask any questions at all. We intend to respond to all applications, but if the response is too great please be patient as we review your work. Thanks in advance, and we look forward to your submissions!

- Rob (Project Lead)

Website: http://nectargamestudios.com/
Forums: http://nectargamestudios.com/forum/
Blog: http://nectargamestudios.com/blog/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ProjectResurgence
Twitter: www.twitter.com/NectarGS
Email: [email protected]


* Thanks to Rhian Skyblade for the use of the parchment background in the image above.




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