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I'm playing alot of GO lately and I've found the Workbench editor to be really fun to play around with, especially with repeating patterns. I'll post my experiments and anything I learn here!

First up I was experimenting with Patina skins. It took a while to wrap my head around these but you can get some really cool looking finishes. I wanted a rough green finish for my favourite looking gun, the SG 553. Here's a crop of my texture:


and here's the weapon finish, mid-wear:


and the full wear cycle:


Here are my takeaways from Patina experiments:
  • Strong saturation values in either the texture or the patina colours will overpower the other
  • That said, you want colour variation in the texture to make full use of your patina colours.
  • Similarly, a grey value in the patina colour stack will reveal the texture colour, while a saturated colour will tint the texture.
  • Patina colour values always darken the texture, light values won't lighten it.
  • The patina colour stack is like a gradient map that maps over the wear pattern

Co colour is very important, and I sort of wish I had a slightly less saturated base texture - but I flattened my document at one point by mistake!

I have a bunch more finishes to upload, but it's late! brb.


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