Bi-directional communication via sockets (Photoshop <--> Maya) - how?

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Last couple of days I've tried finding a solution on how to get Maya and Photoshop communicate with each other.

The problem is on the Photoshop side of things. Maya has lots of support thanks to Python (many different third-party modules for working with socket connections), and there is always the option to use commandPort like in this example:
(Maya <--> Browser communication)

The same can not be said about Photoshop.
Photoshop has some rather crappy support in comparison. VBscript and javascript doesn't even appear to have native support for this (at least not bi-directional. I've found some examples on how to extract info from a webpage using javascript via HTTP GET. POST is a completely other matter, and requires third-party libraries for both these languages.)

So atm I'm stuck with this. I've been talking with Peter Hanshaw ( over LinkedIn - who is in the same situation as me on this. He wrote this after our little correspondence:

So does anyone have any advice on this? Maybe even a solution to how to make Photoshop communicate with the outside world via sockets?


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