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GOLF- Theme Park

Hi, I am James and I'm going to attempt to create a theme park inspired Golf Hole.
This is all subject to change due to fancifulness and my limited coding.

So far I have layed out a course and checked that it works. And created a basic working helter skelter.
I will be looking at some various obstacle themes such as a swings/swingboat set, a set of hammers type obstacle. But there will be simple stuff to guarantee a game.

The par might actually be quite high, though I am thinking of narrowing it all down. It might make more sense to be making more of a separate game using different obstacles.

Anyway good luck everyone. Looks like the competition is horribly tough here. But I'm going to have a go anyway.

First Look at the outline of the hole. (It looks bare to me, but the scripting is all working and the ball runs nicely so I'm happy with that.)


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