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GOLF- Theme Park

Hi, I am James and I'm going to attempt to create a theme park inspired Golf Hole.
This is all subject to change due to fancifulness and my limited coding.

So far I have layed out a course and checked that it works. And created a basic working helter skelter.
I will be looking at some various obstacle themes such as a swings/swingboat set, a set of hammers type obstacle. But there will be simple stuff to guarantee a game.

The par might actually be quite high, though I am thinking of narrowing it all down. It might make more sense to be making more of a separate game using different obstacles.

Anyway good luck everyone. Looks like the competition is horribly tough here. But I'm going to have a go anyway.

First Look at the outline of the hole. (It looks bare to me, but the scripting is all working and the ball runs nicely so I'm happy with that.)


    Awesome idea James.

    I have limited scripting too. Relying on my design and the helpfulness of MangledPoly's advice and video's :)

    All the best!
  • JamesR
    Thanks. The videos are brilliant and its great to have a little game kit to work with.
  • JamesR
    So I've realised I should be calling this a Fairground and not a theme Park
    These are the basics of the obstacles.
    I'm not sure I want to add more obstacles to one hole as it seems a little ridiculous to have a really high par.

    The coding actually works for the helter skelter and the ferris Wheel though actually really I'd need the boat to be able to rotate freely with gravity around each corner. Presently obviously they are upside down at the top... Although I could live with it, it would be nice to be able to make them keep pointing down.

    Now to concentrate on the re-layout of the hole and the scenery. Which could get interesting.
  • JamesR
    Ok, so I've finished the layout. So a little more work on the models required, but onto the scenery.
    I'm thinking about some candy canes, candy floss etc and some little tents.
    Maybe some normal correction... (for me) :)

    Some flashing lights might be nice, but I'm not entirely sure on that one.

    And some stuff, yes stuff..
  • JamesR
    I have built a little test strip to demonstrate my obstacles etc.

    The first I'm nearly happy with is the helter Skelter. Although it does take some practice.
    [ame=" Skelter Test Minigolf Challenge[/ame]
  • JamesR
    Well, I've essentially populated the hole with a design, features and generally textured it. It all needs a polish etc and I think some little signposts etc.
    Its running to about 25k, which is okay, just enough room for some additions. I did a set of individual stones for the edges and they were about 25k themselves. I was quite surprised. Plus when texturing I was just making lines of pixels for the bike tyres, (because it was the smallest you can feasibly do, lol) but I'm quite happy with them. I might normal map the edges etc. A video fairly soon I think.

  • JamesR
    a video of the course being played through as promised. Its was tricky to commit to this as I felt like fiddling with things more before posting it, but there's still plenty of time.

    [ame=" Course Test - Minigolf Challenge[/ame]
  • Sharvo
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    Sharvo keyframe
    It might be cool, to allow the player to have some direction of where to go. You always get signs at a theme park so it might be worth having a sign for 'helter skelter this way' or 'clowns mouth this way' but a bit better than that... just a thought :)
  • JamesR
    I agree. It would relly add something to do that. I was mucking about with the particles to get a little fire effect on the course, it might work (although it does to actually get one of the built in ones), but they are a little high res, hopefully I can use the water splash, and change the colour. I think its possible.
  • JamesR
    Well, we're closed to the end, so after a few days off I shall be finishing off and adding some kick arse 'bunting' to my hole.
  • JamesR
    [ame=" Wheel working - Minigolf Challenge[/ame]

    Thanks go to Ryan for the method
  • Sharvo
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    Sharvo keyframe
    Wheres that bunting?!!!

    Joke aside, ferris wheel looks good, maybe a bit too fast IMO from the video, but you are the one testing it so you know better than me :)

    Look forward to seeing the whole thing
  • JamesR
    Yes it looks fast, but I used the windmill value for speed of the centre and number guessing so that the boats remain in sync. I should try to adjust it, but its passable and the figures check out against each other. Otherwise I think you have to measure the circumference and the distance, so...
  • Ewing
    Great job on the windmill! I think yours is the most technically compelling course so far. I admire that you got the helter skelter and ferris wheels working correctly. Most of the entries thus far are just static meshes. Really coming together I think!
  • JamesR
    Thanks Ewing, I'm quite pleased with them. It's just a bit tricky to decide on the texturing as the modelling and layout doesn't lend itself to much. But I'm not going to start again as I have mind to prefer the more artistically designed courses.

    I have set out some bunting, but can't possibly show it yet as its really naff. Mainly as you need a lead rope going around the course which I've put into to engine to see where it would fit best.

    I might put a early pic up tomorrow.
  • JamesR
    its like 5000 polys as I used convert mesh from curve. I can kill quite a few if I have to spend a few hours on it. But it might fit in my quota.

  • JamesR
    Ah... Well, I don't know what happened to my final post.
    But I've put my final entry in.

    I added signposts, decent bunting, and a swing boat to replace the naff bumper cars.
  • mmoggginfo
    a little game kit to work with
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