Learning Diary: Character Sculpting in Zbrush

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Hi all,
for the last few days I've been trying to improve my knowledge of Zbrush (I barely know anything about it right now) and learn proper Character and Creature sculpting.
So I watched the ZBrush Basics Digital Tutors video and started sculpting, trying to do at least one sculpt (which means an ugly bust at the moment) a day.

So for now I will only do highpoly sculpts and not worrying about retopologie or anything like that, maybe proper rendering and texturing if I am happy with one sculpt, but we will see..

The reasons why I am doing this thread are:
- to keep me motivated doing this
- to document my learning progress (hopefully there is one..)
- to get tips and critiques about my work

So, as I said I started a few days ago:
My first sculpt after a long time of not doing anything 3d related:


And the yesterdays sculpt:


Both of them were just freestyle doodles I did to get used to sculpting in general, not really worrying about anatomy and stuff.
I saw disneys Frozen yesterday and was pretty fascinated by the stylized characters they had, so I tried myself at a stylized head:


So, as you can see there are tons of mistakes and issues right now, and I have a whole lot to learn D But sculpting stylized characters was pretty fun, so I think I will focus on that for the next days while learning some more techniques.


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