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I think it´s the right time to create a thread for this project. Name says it all. We are in Rapture again.

Project started a long time ago when I played the first episode of the Bioshock Infinite - Burial at Sea DLC. Rapture was much more beautiful this time than it was in 2007 when I first visited there. The main idea behind this project was a character study. This is my first human model so there was a lot of learning like topology, rigging, skinning etc... I used roughly two months for all that. I also wanted to learn PBR better. Marmoset Toolbag 2 is going to be the weapon for rendering.

Scene type is going to be diorama and I have some pretty fun ideas like a huge octopus crawling outside. Some neon signs and random ads on the wall.

This is where I am so far. Tools that I use are 3ds max and ZBrush if someone cares :)



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