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Hello everybody, good year to everyone. let's go straight into the subject.
Back around the end of november, I felt very unhappy with the level i had in anatomy, posing, rhythm and forms. I know i was able to get some result but it took a hell of a time and iterations to get there.

I decided to challenge myself, from this day and for a month, i would have to do a sculpt per day, posed and without symmetry. Getting back to the masters, I decided to copy famous sculptures at firt. as I advanced in my quest for anatomy, I started learning how the body move and work. The funny thing is the more i practiced, the harder it became, and the funnier it was. Time for each sculpture range from 3 to 8 hours. It doesn't matter if they're not finished at the end of the day, It wasn't for the details.

Due to my schedule, there were days when i couldnt work and the weekends were for the family. Though at first i wanted to do it for a month, I Think i'll be carrying it to the january (while at the same time doing the comicon challenge) and febuary. For now.

Sorry for the novel, now onto the pics.






I'll try to keep this updated as i go on.


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